EMS Group: innovation and know-how for cutting-edge industrial automation solutions

EMS Group goes ahead along the path undertaken in 2018 full of enthusiasm: a new group has come about from the merger of five leading companies in the handling, palletizing and storage sectors – Emmeti, Mectra, Sipac, Logik and Zecchetti. It has immediately distinguished itself worldwide due to its engineering expertise, focus on the customer and the capability of meeting the variety of needs in the industry.


Values that keep pace with market evolution

EMS Group, on the strength of its origins based on a steadfast and acknowledged experience in the industry, looks to the future with new motivation that distinguishes it to provide its customers with ever more efficient and sustainable solutions.

EMS Group always keeps up with market progress because its fundamental values meet the need for change underway in the industry:

  • Customer first
    The customer comes first: we provide constant consulting and support to be a true long-lasting partner.
  • Diversity
    We always have high regard for experience and competence, because the variety of points of view and capabilities endows the final result with wealth and exponential growth.
  • Integration
    The synergy between the elements of a system is the key to success, both within the Group and in the solutions we create.
  • Agility
    At a time of constant change, flexibility and quickly responding to the needs of the market are essential to stay competitive, for us and for our customers.
  • Innovation
    It’s a mindset that leads us on in every project and inspires us to always look for new solutions.

One-Stop Shop Approach: just one partner to manage production and intralogistic processes.

The One-Stop Shop approach is crucial nowadays to make the best of resources and to stay competitive: it means being able to count on one partner capable of providing systems and services to manage production and intralogistic processes and this is one of the main advantages that EMS Group offers its customers.


Our solutions range from handling lines to palletizing systems, intralogistics management and automated storage and, precisely in the perspective of a single partner, we have completed our range by introducing:

  1. FASTROCK, stretch wrapping system with anthropomorphic robot and 750 mm high film reel.
  2. SMARTROCK, stretch wrapping system with Cartesian robot and 750 mm high film reel.
  3. TRACY, labeler with anthropomorphic robot.

FASTROCK and SMARTROCK, stretch wrapping systems

In recent years, the gradual reduction in primary and secondary packaging consistency has led to a significant increase in the importance of wrapping systems for product integrity and load safety, both in production and distribution sites.
Our range of stretch wrappers meets these needs while also ensuring high efficiency and reduced maintenance.
The unique design of our stretch wrapping systems in fact combines:

  • Use of the 750 mm high film reel.
  • Product in rotation.
  • A very small distance between the wrapping head and the product (patent pending).
  • Rotating table and mechanical axis press driven by a single toothed belt power unit.

The solution is completed by the total automatic changeover of the wrapping head and the top cover applicator loading the reel from below and automatic change (patent pending) making it redundant, even more efficient and safe and reducing the footprint.


TRACY, robotic labeler

Full product traceability is essential nowadays to guarantee efficiency and safety on the market of reference. Thanks to the anthropomorphic robot design, TRACY, our robotic labeler, can apply labels on multiple sides and in different positions of the pallet, as well as on stacked loads. It is also fitted with a cam to check correct label application and barcode legibility.
TRACY guarantees high operational autonomy thanks to the option of implementing two printers to perform automatic reel change without production downtime.


Solutions for intralogistics

EMS Group has also upgraded solutions for intralogistics, an ever more complex system which includes several steps such as managing orders, handling and storage of goods, and coordination of transport.
Our wide range of AGVs meet any handling requirement, going from counterbalanced vehicles to pallet trucks, from drive-in and stacker crane satellites to maxi outdoor shuttles. Our vertical automated warehouses and those with stacker cranes represent an efficient and safe storage solution for all sectors.


On the other hand the Truck Live Tracking system, which reads RFID labels applied to pallets, can check and track the contents of trucks in transit without lengthening operating times. This has the following advantages:

  • Flawless loading and unloading.
  • Traceability of inbound and outbound goods.
  • Automatic data exchange with the company management system.
  • Lower management costs.

It is especially important to use pallets that meet the customer’s requirements in installations with AGVs and automated warehouses to guarantee the efficiency of the production and intralogistic processes and safety within the production and distribution sites. This is why EMS Group has also introduced SHERLOCK, an automatic pallet control system, in its stock.

Since pallets are reused nonstop, they may have defects which – if not discovered – create serious issues during the production and storage process: damage to products and structures, instability of the load units, downtime during production and in-house handling stages.

The SHERLOCK automatic pallet control system prevents these problems since – thanks to a careful prior selection – it ensures the use of conforming pallets and gets rid of nonconforming ones.


The result of the One-Stop Shop approach is Next Generation Factory: a fully integrated, digitized organizational and production model, intended to create value.

This is the goal that EMS Group sets for its customers: “turnkey” installations, designed and manufactured to turn ideas into reliable and winning solutions.