Pallet Control Automatic Systems

Pallet Control Automatic Systems



Due to continuous reuse, the pallets can present defects which – if not identified – create serious problems during the production and storage cycle stages. The pallet control automatic system SHERLOCK – thanks to an accurate preliminary selection – ensures the use of pallets that comply with the customer’s needs and the elimination of non-compliant ones.
Integrating a pallet control automatic system is therefore essential to ensure the efficiency and safety of production and intralogistics processes, in particular in plants with AGVs and automated warehouses:

  • Prevents downtime during the palletizing and internal handling stages.
  • Minimizes the possibility of product damage.
  • Increases the quality of all operations, right up to distribution.


  • It can control different types of pallets.
  • Ensures complete reliability of the control cycle, even in the case of non-compliant pallets, thanks to the use of the robot.
  • The reduced number of mechanical components ensures high accessibility, maintainability and availability.