Stretch Wrapping Systems

Stretch Wrapping Systems



In recent years, the gradual reduction in primary and secondary packaging consistency has led to a significant increase in the importance of wrapping systems for product integrity and load securing, both within the production and distribution sites.
Our range of stretch wrapping machines meets these needs whilst ensuring high efficiency and reduced maintenance.

The unique design of our stretch wrapping systems in fact combines:

  • Use of the h 750 mm film reel.
  • Product in rotation.
  • A very small distance between the wrapping head and the product (patent pending).
  • The belt transmission system for moving the rotating table and top press plate.


  • Our stretch wrapping machines implement the h 750 mm reel, which guarantees the following advantages:
    • Optimized film distribution during the wrapping cycle.
    • Product integrity also at the lower and central area, as deformation due to the overlapping of numerous layers of film is prevented.
    • High load stability thanks to the great securing of the product to the pallet.
    • Increased operational autonomy thanks to the possibility of using 75 kg film reels.
  • Reduced distance of the wrapping head with respect to the product during the cycle (patent pending) ensures:
    • High wrapping quality.
    • Accelerated cutting and welding
    • Portability of the wrapping program between Cartesian robot and anthropomorphic robot version.
  • The belt drive for rotating table and top press plate for all our stretch wrapping systems guarantees:
    • Reduced maintenance.
    • Quieter system.
  • The complete automatic changeover of the wrapping head makes it possible to keep the system running while the operator changes the reel in full safety – also during special maintenance or film breakage – increasing line efficiency and reducing accumulation and footprint.
  • Our stretch wrapping machines can be equipped with a top cover applicator with loading from below and automatic changeover (patent pending) which guarantees the following advantages:
    • High safety automatic reel changeover.
    • Reduced footprint.
    • No electric hoist.