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EMS presents PAY PER USE

With the pay per use formula, the EMS Group, leader in its reference market, has introduced a tool to revolutionize production capacities for businesses, transforming classic structural costs (CAPEX) into running costs (OPEX). A brand-new culture for managing plant life cycles which, through the services offered, helps the plant to run smoothly while ensuring that the customer can maximize production!

Why change to pay per use

To create added value in the secondary packaging field, the focus had to be shifted from the machine to the service, and that’s exactly what we have done!

In today’s consumer and business world, pay per use is common practice: from photocopiers to coffee, from software (SaaS Software as a Service) to automobiles, the trend in every sector is to convert products into services. This success is due above all to the problem-free management offered by this new form of “purchasing”. No assistance or spare parts to think of, no problems to solve; the service formula in place of the product best suits our needs, leaving us free to use our time and energy for more important things, in and out of work.

In the industrial packaging world, however, this business model hasn’t yet been proposed, and EMS Group is paving the way for a product life cycle management system, where services are always aligned to needs.

What is pay per use

With pay per use, we offer 3-5-7 year hires at a fixed or variable rate according to the volumes processed, with a fully-refundable minimum deposit.

The many advantages include, first and foremost:

large initial investments are no longer needed to start up a new industrial plant. This means that the business can be economically profitable from the first day of operation, an epoch-making innovation for the production industry.

It also means being able to focus entirely on your business, leaving a number of services to specialist professionals who not only design the production, transport, installation and start-up, but can also:

  • run the plant
  • manage size changes
  • perform periodic inspections
  • perform predictive maintenance
  • repair failures
  • provide remote assistance
  • supply and replace spare parts
  • integrate an ERP into the plant
  • upgrade the software 

Which solutions was it designed for?

Palletizers, depalletizers, conveyors, packaging, automated logistics are all solutions which, from today, can be purchased on a pay per use basis, and the sectors this method is proposed in are those which today the EMS Group works most in: Glass, PET, Bottling, Box factories, Food, Pet Food, Logistics, Chemical-Pharmaceutical, Automotive. From individual equipment to complete systems, everything can acquire value with pay per use.

Single Partner

Pay per use is another step towards a broader innovation project that will make the EMS Group a global point of reference for handling, palletization and storage.

Constant attention to the customer, integrated solutions responding to different needs, continuous research and innovation, agility in anticipating and meeting market needs, a wealth of experience, know-how and diversified skills – the heritage of 5 large companies: these are the foundations on which we aim to build our customer relations, turning needs into added value and helping them to increase their own competitive performance on the global market. 

we care, you run

Now is the time to throw yourselves whole-heartedly into your business!
We will help to make it run.

Find out more about the pay per use program or contact your EMS sales rep.