EMS Group SpA is pleased to announce the Launch of EMS Group USA

From the merger of Emmeti USA and Zecchetti USA EMS Group USA is born.

While continuing to provide stateside sales, after-sales service and support to their North American customers, EMS Group USA offers clients an array of product handling solutions for the food & beverage, glass, PET/HDPE and metal can industries, from single machine to complete lines.

Our headquarters is in Florida, where Del Lewis, Service & Spare Parts Manager, leads a team of technicians and support personnel who handle after-sales service, support, spare parts and engineering services. Beth Zarnick-Duffy, Executive Sales Director, and Chiara Reverberi, Senior Sales Manager, lead the North American sales out of the Arizona office.

Beth Zamick Duffy

“Having been a part of Emmeti in North America, since its inception in 1993, I am excited to continue to lead sales for EMS Group USA and continue to bring the power of five global OEMs to our North American customers. EMS Group USA continues to provide the award-winning 24/7/365 service, parts, and support from our headquarters in Florida that our customers have known for years with Emmeti and its fellow founding members of EMS Group- Mectra, Sipac, Logik and Zecchetti. We have expanded our staff of stateside technicians and representatives, because we know it is especially important to our customers during the pandemic.”

– Beth Zarnick-Duffy

With EMS Group USA, North American clients benefit from a collective 200+ years’ worth of industry experience and expertise. Companies can be assured that investing in EMS Group’s equipment during the pandemic is a wise choice. Some companies may be tempted to compromise on efficiency and technology during the pandemic because they are worried about support. However, there is no need to compromise: EMS Group USA provides the assurance and peace of mind of stateside sales, installation, service, spare parts, and award-winning support.