TIM and EMS Group:
towards the Next Generation Factory

5G technology meets storage systems to create cutting-edge digital intralogistics solutions.

Optimizing internal processes has now become essential for companies to maintain their market competitiveness and warehouse automation is certainly crucial.

In fact, the automated warehouse is a system that optimizes all intralogistics operations – from receiving goods to storage, on to preparing orders and shipments – thanks to technologies implemented to handle goods automatically and software to coordinate operating cycles, often integrated with company management systems.

Managing the warehouse efficiently means guaranteeing traceability of the goods and increasing the speed, accuracy and safety of all the activities, as well as reducing errors and management costs.

Given the large amount of data to be processed and the need to guarantee a smooth exchange of information between the various systems, it is necessary to rely on the latest generation platforms.

This is why the synergy between the connectivity technology suggested by TIM and the reliability of the EMS Group storage systems guarantees maximum efficiency and safety, even in the most complex cases.

Product quality control video systems, aerial monitoring also for automatic inventory lists, remote support and simulation of procedural/maintenance operations with AR/VR technologies and solutions for workforce optimization and safety, implementation of lighting, air conditioning and sanitation systems: these are just a few of the innovative services offered by the two companies for integrated warehouse management.

The objective is to guide customers towards the Next Generation Factory – a fully integrated, digitized organizational and production model, intended to create value.

The idea of the factory of the future will materialize right before your eyes at SPS Italia 2022 (Parma, May 24-26) – the event organized by Messe Frankfurt Italia, which brings together suppliers and manufacturers from the world of industrial automation.

EMS Group will form part of the TIM stand, where you will have the chance to see a miniature model of a Next Generation Factory made from LEGO® bricks.

We look forward to meeting you
SPS Italia 2022 – Parma, May 24-26
Hall 4, Stand A105