EMS launches I.CON – the IoT service platform The future of smart machines is now

In the context of Industry 4.0, building stable leadership is strictly related to the innovative transformation of production, via solutions that support the company in operational management, provide immediate and precise reading of returns, while containing the Total Cost of Ownership.

I.CON, the new IoT platform by EMS Group, is a safe and effective solution for integrated production management.

As a cloud-based data collection application, I.CON allows you to receive data from the control units of EMS machines to then extract the information that is useful to the customer to monitor performance, diagnostics and energy consumption or to manage maintenance and request support. I.CON automates data management in a precise, continuous and absolutely reliable collection and analysis flow, offering solutions of:

    Checks performance
    Plans work shifts
    Draws up steadily updated, customized reports
    Logs any event that affects production
    Immediately compares the production KPIs
    Enables you to seek support at any time
    Schedules maintenance
    Can be used to purchase and manage spare parts
    Monitors energy consumption
    Provides telemetry information of the systems
    Analyzes the relationship between KPIs and work shifts
    Evaluate the incidence of failures on the system performance

I.CON is modular, scalable and equipped with a simple and intuitive graphic interface. Open to ERP, MES, HPE, MRP systems, etc., it is multi-user, accessible 24/7/365, anywhere in the world and from any device. Furthermore, it includes a digital collaboration section: an actual direct channel – as well as secure and confidential – between customers and EMS.

EMS launched the I.CON platform, presenting it in Munich and Düsseldorf, at the drinktec and glasstec fairs and the success achieved during the two events confirmed the value of the application provided by EMS. The demo, which was available at EMS stands, made it possible to approach hands-on all I.CON’s upsides:

  • Optimizes the TCO.
  • Monitors all the activity that revolves around running the machine and its performance.
  • Reduces downtime.
  • Manages condition-based maintenance, forestalling any critical issues to plan specific measures and avoid breakdowns.
  • Monitors energy consumption, with historical and comparative analyzes, up to the calculation of consumption per unit of product.

I.CON can be implemented on all EMS systems, both new and already installed. A major resource for Transition 4.0, it makes productive assets more efficient by further enhancing their performance.

By leveraging I.CON, EMS can proactively and effectively support the customer, as well as guaranteeing top-notch integrated production management.