EMS Group: with EASYROCK, automatic removal of pallet packaging is now a reality

EMS Group is recognized worldwide as a leading supplier in the industrial automation field due to the engineering expertise gained in a wide variety of industries and the fusion of technological know-how, that enables the company to be a true accelerator of innovation.

One of EMS Group’s latest innovations, EASYROCK, is the result of this solid background combined with the goal of providing customers with increasingly high-performance and sustainable solutions.

EASYROCK, in fact, is EMS Group’s robotic unwrapping system for the automatic removal of shrink film from loading units of hollow glass intended for subsequent depalletizing.

Manual film removal involves risks originating from plant personnel’s use of cutting tools and ladders, passage on handling conveyors, and the potential for items falling from the load unit.

Installing EASYROCK at the infeed of depalletizing lines thus greatly increases the overall safety of the working environment, as well as boosting line efficiency and providing maximum application flexibility.

EASYROCK, in fact, is equipped with a system that performs a preliminary analysis of the load unit (LU) and thus enables:

  • The automatic detection of the workability of the loading unit on pallet (especially product incline and shrink film integrity assessment).
  • The acquisition of key data about the LU for the proper management of all subsequent operations.
  • The handling of different LU formats without the need for operator intervention.

EASYROCK utilizes a motorized rotating blade cutting system that ensures the integrity of the product and layer pads while also focusing on sustainability by reducing the use of heating elements or hot air blowers to cut the film, which significantly decreases energy consumption.

The patent pending, multifunction head is the system’s core as it can manage film pick, cut, and removal in a single station.

The modular design of the EASYROCK system allows customers to customize the configuration according to their production needs.

Two different devices are available for automatic handling of waste film:

  • The film shredding and suction system, which allows the removed packaging to be shredded and conveyed outside the perimeter safety guards.
  • The film compacting system, for forming plastic bales suitable for subsequent recycling.

EASYROCK can be configured with auxiliary modules that can be implemented according to the type of LU being handled.  These modules are:

  • Top press plate, that stabilizes the loading unit during film removal.
  • Straps removal system for cases where plastic strapping is present in addition to plastic film.

The use of a robot keeps maintenance costs low while enabling production rates of 15 to 60 load units per hour, with an option to increase output even higher to achieve 90 load units per hour. EASYROCK’s unique, small footprint, design provides easy access for machine reset and cleaning operations.

pallet destrapper

EASYROCK also has the flexibility to only perform the film cutting cycle in the upper part of the load if the shrink film is determined to be damaged in the lower part of the pallet.  This prevents the load unit from being rejected and the operator can then safely complete film cutting and removal.

EASYROCK represents a breakthrough in automation innovation that optimizes the production process while increasing factory safety.

EMS Group is the ideal partner for companies that want to be always ahead.